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If you are accused of committing a crime, then it’s critical to choose the right Fresno trial attorney.  Any accusation for a criminal offense is potentially catastrophic. If convicted, you will face criminal penalties such as imprisonment, fines, court fees, probation, community service, and more. Court-ordered counseling may be required, as well as lifetime sex offender registration.  Possessing a criminal record will damage your reputation and hinder employment opportunities, as well as cripple your ability to obtain certain loans or cause the loss of professional licenses.

At our Fresno criminal defense firm we make sure that our clients understand their legal
rights and what they are up against in a court of law. Whether a person faces a few days behind bars, or a lifetime of incarceration, we will fight on your side. Through our own investigation, use of aggressive defense tactics and strong negotiation skills we will make every effort to legally protect you.

How a qualified Fresno Trial Attorney can make a difference

Working with a legal professional who holds experience in conducting criminal trials is the only way you can take action to challenge your charges and therefore have the opportunity of avoiding a conviction and all the repercussions that come with it. From simple DUI and drug possession charges all the way to violent felonies such as murder or weapons offenses, our Law Men are proud to provide you with dedication and experience every step of the way.

Law Men criminal defense lawyers will meet with potential clients within the Fresno area and provide a free consultation.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment immediately to learn how we may be able to legally assist you. In many instances, we may be able to obtain alternative sentencing instead of a jail or prison sentence. In addition, we can also represent you during any pre-file investigations in which we may be able to have your charges dismissed before ever setting foot inside of court.

Fresno Trial Attorney Testimonials

Mr. LoStracco worked diligently to defend my case and delivered results far
beyond any expectations.  I highly recommend his office.  He is a criminal defense specialist and his experience as a former prosecutor gives clients an added advantage during the legal defense process.  His in-depth knowledge and keen attention to detail leaves no “stone unturned” when preparing for a case.  Have no doubt he will give you the best legal service in Fresno County.
-client M.K.

Wow.  I was recently forced into a trial situation for being accused of sexual assault crimes that would haunt me for life.  I was terrified.  I hired Glenn LoStracco and trusted him with my life.  He was very professional and always available to answer any questions.  His trial experience and legal knowledge base got me NOT GUILTY verdicts on all 9 counts!  I was able to walk out of court, hug my family, and return to my normal life.  Thank you Glenn.  God Bless.
-Trial Attorney client


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Fresno Trial Attorney Lawyer
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