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Are you searching for an experienced Fresno Drug Charges Attorney?  Whether you’re currently under investigation for a drug crime or have already been arrested, it’s important to retain criminal defense representation from a skilled attorney.

California law makes a big distinction between simply possessing drugs for personal use
versus possessing for sale or selling drugs.  If you only have narcotics for your own personal use, a simple possession, then almost always we can get you into a diversion program or a proposition 36 program that would keep you out of jail and ultimately get your charges dismissed.

However, if you are charged with sales, possession for sales, transportation, or the manufacturing of drugs then those are considered more serious crimes and without the proper Fresno County Criminal Defense Attorney you could potentially end up in state prison.  There are many things our office can do to help neutralize these type of cases and prevent you from serving a prison term.

How a qualified Fresno Drug Charges Attorney can make a difference

Almost all drug cases involve a search and just because the police conducted a search of your home, car, or business does not necessarily mean that the evidence seized can be used against you.  If a valid search warrant was required, the police must previously obtain authorization from a judge and demonstrate there was sufficient probable cause to believe illegal contraband was in a specific location.  Many times we can show the police didn’t follow proper procedures, possibly exaggerated facts, they sometimes lie or even fail to tell a judge the whole story.   If the police used these improper means to obtain a search warrant, and it can be demonstrated to the court, then often times we can have the search warrant quashed and all evidence that was obtained will be suppressed from your case.

If you’ve been charged with a drug related offense here in California, then we
invite you to come in, tell us your story, and we’ll exam all of the evidence
and see if we can get your charges reduced or dismissed.


Fresno Drug Charges Attorney Testimonial

Mr. LoStracco was recommended by a friend. We were in need of legal
representation for our son who was arrested on charges of possession, trafficing, and sales.  The police had a search warrant for the house and found a large amount of drugs in the bedroom.  Mr. LoStracco listened to the situation and not only gave our son very good advice on receiving help with his drug addiction, but Mr. LoStracco also got the search warrant invalidated and beat the case.  Through all of this, he kept my husband and I well informed of the situation and put our minds at ease.  –Client O.



If you are in need of a Fresno Drug Charges Attorney, call Glenn LoStracco’s office today 559-442-8000.



Fresno Drug Charges Attorney Lawyer






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